About Us

Davie BoultinghouseDavie Boultinghouse has been making knives for over six decades, and they just keep getting better. Here’s his story in his own words:

I started learning how to make knives when I was about fourteen years old for 2 reasons; #1 I have always liked knives and #2 because I could not afford to buy what I wanted.  I’ve made knives out of just about anything that was metal.  Used hack saw blades, old files, old hand saws and anything else I could grind or file down to a sharp point and put an edge on.  I’ve made knives most of my life and it has evolved into what you see on this web site.  Believe me, they did not look this good in the beginning! They worked, but not as well as they do now.  The fit, finish, design and file art all came from gathering experience over the years with lots of encouragement from family, friends and many satisfied customers.

Prior to her passing in November 2014, the leather sheaths were hand crafted by Davie’s wife, Frances Boultinghouse, and wet-formed to fit each knife.